USABA Tandem Cycling Camp

This past May, the Foreseeable Future Foundation provided funding for the United States Association for Blind Athletes (USABA) Tandem Cycling Camp. The visually impaired and blind veterans were given the opportunity to experience tandem cycling at the Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Spring, CO. Twenty-four participants on twelve bikes.

The participants were coached by Simon Bennett and Jason Kimball, two highly skilled cyclists. Griffin Pinkow was there to witness the impact our partnership made to those attending the training, and immediately wanted to keep the legacy of the program moving forward.


Pam Fernandez, the Cycling Coordinator for the USABA described how the Foreseeable Future Foundation helped this event.  “Because of the funding we were able to give more athletes more financial assistance, which made a big difference on the number of athletes who were able to attend.”

Fernandez also expressed it is very hard to find funding, a reason why we are all the more grateful that we came alongside the USABA in making this event possible. Fernandez finished by stating, “I hope the partnership with USABA and the Foreseeable Future Foundation and in particular the cycling program goes on for many years to come. Thanks so much.”