Self-Advocacy Program

The Self-Advocacy Program is sponsored by the Foreseeable Future Foundation

Have you ever wished you could do something and were told no by someone? Have you ever done something and wished you had a modification to make your involvement more inclusive? Have you ever had someone else advocate for you and things changed for the better? You don’t have to depend on others to speak for you. YOU can make a difference in your own life. The Self-Advocacy Program has been designed to show you how to use your voice. It will teach you how to speak up for yourself and make your life what you want it to be.

You do not have to be excluded or marginalized anymore. You are the change agent, and you can make a difference today. You can also use your voice to help others.
Let’s begin to change your life!

Stay tuned for more materials and information! if you are interested in learning more or getting involved, please email

The Speak 4 Yourself Immersion Program is a two-day workshop that teaches self-advocacy skills to middle and high school students.  Through a five-step approach, students learn to identify a need, and how to ask for that need to be met.  We believe in empowering youth to make choices about their own lives, laying the foundation for a future built on independence. 

A huge thanks to Lauren Lieberman, Ruth Childs, Lindsay Ball, Robbin Clark, Judy Byrd, June Converse, & Sydney Converse!

An additional thanks to the students at the Utah Schools for the Deaf for their honest feedback!