Partners and Affiliates


Tri Achilles introduces individuals with disabilities to multi-sport competitions within New York state and nationwide. Participants have a spectrum of experience and athletic abilities. Many of the athletes have no previous triathlon training and are coached in swimming, biking, and running with the goal of competing in mainstream races alongside able-bodied peers. Other veteran multi-sport athletes represent Achilles within the elite paratriathlon community on the world stage.

Camp Abilities

Camp Abilities is an educational sports camp for children who are visually impaired, blind, or deafblind. The purpose is to empower children with visual impairments to be actively involved in sports, to train future teachers, to conduct research, and to raise awareness in the community. Camp Abilities was started in Brockport, NY by Dr. Lauren Lieberman. The Camp Abilities model has now been established in 20 cities in the US and in 8 other countries.