We have had the pleasure of meeting and working with some incredible organizations and individuals over the years. If you would like to learn more about the groups/individuals that we support, please take a look at the provided resources below.

Bluestone Lane

Australian-inspired coffee, cafe & lifestyle brand providing a genuine daily escape for all our locals through premium coffee and delicious healthy eats.

Camp Abilities

Camp Abilities Brockport is a one-week educational sports camp for children and teens who are blind, visually impaired, and deafblind. The camp is set up to provide a one-on-one instructional situation for each person, which is often on the contrary to other camps designed for people with visual impairments.


Turnstone is Northeast Indiana’s only free-standing not-for-profit organization providing a comprehensive continuum of supportive services addressing the unique needs of people with disabilities and their families.


Achilles International, a global organization operating in 18 countries including the US, transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection. Since our founding in 1983, we have empowered over 150,000 athletes of all ages and ability levels to participate in endurance events around the globe.

Centric Brands Group

A leading global apparel & accessories company with a portfolio of iconic licensed and owned brands that delight retailers and consumers of all ages.

Foreseeable Future is beyond excited about our new partnership with Perkins School for the Blind and their Literacy Program. Please take a look at this video to learn more!

“A lot of what the Foreseeable Future has done for us is provide that extra little push. It all adds up. Even small allocations help you think, ‘OK, that’s one less thing I have to worry about’.”

Paul Shields