Funding Program

Winter - Spring 2021

Open Applications Window

until April 30, 2021


Funding Program Winter-Spring 2021 Timeline

Applications Open

February - April 2021

Review Process

April - May 2021

Awards Notices

June 2021

Awards Disbursement

July - Dec 2021

The funding program presently open is for the Winter-Spring of 2021. Applications are accepted between the months of February and April 2021. Reviews of Applications will take place between April and May 2021. Announcement of awards will be done in June 2021. Disbursement of monies will be between July thru December 2021.


Scholarships for Individuals make funds available for a single person to participate in an event.

Individuals can apply for a scholarship to participate in events such as marathons, triathlons, para cycling events, or even paralympic events taking place in the United States.

Before starting an application form, be prepared to answer questions related to:

  1. Yourself
    Your history participating in this sporting activity or event, your skill level, and general contact information for yourself.
  2. Your Event
    Information related to your event or activity such as who is hosting it, the location, the level of difficulty, and so on.
  3. Funds Request
    The amount of scholarship you are applying for, the purpose, and other ways you are fundraising for your participation.

Scholarship awards are for a maximum of $ 1,500 USD, and participants must be in the continental United States to be eligible.


Grants are aimed at organizations such as camps, groups or teams, and institutions seeking to impact more than one person at a time.


Before starting an application form, be prepared to answer questions related to:

  1. Details of Your Organization
    The history of the organization hosting this event. Your involvement or role in relation to this event and organization.
  2. Details of The Event
    The type of activity or event being hosted, its history, its leadership team, and the target participants it will impact.
  3. Grant Funds Request
    The amount the organization is applying for, purpose, other sources of funding, and impact the resources are expected to have.

Grant awards are for a maximum of $ 5,000 USD, and organizations must be in the continental United States to be eligible.

Important Compliance Information

Award recipients must agree to observe the following compliance guidelines if awarded. Multi-year applications and participation are encouraged, and a good standing is required for future consideration.

  • Award recipients will be required to provide budgets, receipts, and proof of involvement through photos and documented expense reports. The Foundation will also require documentation of nature of disability.
  • If unable to attend an event (or host a program), the Foreseeable Future Foundation must be notified right away (before the event is set to take place, if possible) and any funds disbursed must be returned in a timely manner.
  • Unused funds disbursed must be reported to the Foreseeable Future Foundation.

Above mentioned documentation from scholarship and grants recipients should sent to the Foundation via follow-up inquiries.

Future Funding Programs

The next funding program will follow a similar timeline as the Winter-Spring, where applications are open from July to September 2021, decisions announced in November, for award monies to be distributed from January to June 2022.



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