Take a look at the exciting press that Foreseeable Future has received!

Check out Griffin Pinkow’s Good Day New York Interview!

Foreseeable Future is honored to have been featured in People magazine, where our Honorees and Annual Gala were recognized.

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Fuel for Fitness

Fuel for Fitness features famous blind chef, Christine Ha, and Griffin Pinkow, showcasing some nutritious recipes specifically for athletes. Griffin also provides Christine with an intro to tandem cycling.

Webinar Podcast Series

Foreseeable Future Facetime

Hosted by Mark Farrell

Foreseeable Future Facetime is a podcast series hosted by Mark Farrell with people around the visually impaired and blind communities making a difference in advocacy, active lifestyle, and social positivity.

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episode 3 featured image photo of mark and brian

Episode 3

Brian Switzer

Join us for a conversation with Brian Switzer, Access Technology Instructor at Perkins, a program designed to give visually diverse young adults the skills, experience and support they need to land career-track jobs.

episode 2 featured image photo of mark and kevin brousard

Episode 2

Kevin Brousard

Kevin Brousard from US Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) will join our host Mark Farrell for a lesson in perseverance, endurance, and success beyond visual impairments.

episode 1 - featured image combined photo of mark farrell and nancy miller

Episode 1

Nancy Miller

In this episode, we speak with our guest Nancy D. Miller From VISIONS Services on the exciting projects  during the pandemic helping the blind and visually impaired community.