USA Paralympic Track Championships

On December 8th and 9th, the USA Paralympic Track Championships took place in Colorado Springs, CO. Our founder Griffin was in attendance and competed, as well as some of the athletes we sponsored for the Tennessee Paracycling Open in September. The USA Paralympic Track Championships had different categories of competitions, one of the categories being tandem cycling. In the tandem cycling category, the visually impaired and blind community and sighted community intermingled as they partnered up on tandem bicycles. People with other disabilities also participated in the Paralympic Track Championships.

Overall it seemed to be a successful weekend and the participants looked to really have a good time. Griffin commented in association with the tandem cycling category at the championships, “The field of tandems is getting bigger and bigger, and it’s just great that we get to try to help grow tandem cycling in the community and then also just in general.” Besides this, tandem cycling has given opportunities for people from the visually impaired and blind community and sighted community to bond with one another, which we love to see.

We look forward to being involved with the USA Paralympic Track Championships next year and hopefully seeing some familiar faces from this year’s championships!

Creds: First picture – Chester Triplett
Second picture – Simon Bennett