The Foreseeable Future Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, that works with individuals and organizations that focus on the visually impaired through sports and recreation. We offer financial assistance, and utilize the various resources we have in our organization to help those in need.

Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center

BOEC is a non-profit 501(c)3 human service organization whose mission is to expand the potential of people with disabilities and special needs through meaningful, educational and inspirational outdoor experiences. BOEC offers state-of-the-art programming and features a highly trained professional staff. The major programs include, the Adaptive Ski and Ride Program, Wilderness Program and Internship Program that serve over 2,500 participants each year for over 10,000 programming days. Participants come from all over the world and include adults and children with physical, cognitive, and sensory disabilities, injured veterans, youth at risk and many other interested parties.

Location: Breckenridge, CO

Visually Impaired Advancement

For over 100 years, VIA: Visually Impaired Advancement has provided rehabilitation and social services to individuals in Western New York who are visually impaired. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive resource for people experiencing vision loss or who are legally blind to help them adapt to new ways of independence. Our team of vision professionals will customize services to help manage vision loss at any age.

Location: New York State

Para Guide Foundation

Para Guide supports adaptive athletes, primarily blind/visually impaired individuals,
in the pursuit of accessibility, inclusion, and equity in running/walking, cycling, and swimming — the 3 disciplines of triathlon. Accessibility for all, opportunities for all, equity for all.

Location: Charlotte

Ski for Light

Ski for Light, Inc.® (SFL) is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization to promote physical fitness among visually and mobility impaired adults. The goal of SFL is to teach participants how to cross-country ski in a supportive and positive atmosphere. Founded in 1975 and run entirely by blind and sighted volunteers, the organization hosts an annual week long recreational cross-country skiing event. Each year, about 120 to 150 blind or mobility impaired adults work in partnership with experienced, sighted skiers who act as instructors and guides. The skier and guide ski in parallel tracks or grooves, groomed in the snow. Guides provide directions and skiing tips, give encouragement, and describe the countryside. Guides also provide extra muscle when the mobility impaired skiers, who propel themselves on sit-skis, go uphill or encounter difficult terrain.

Location: Primarily Minnesota, All of USA

Visions/Services for the Blind
and Visually Impaired

VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit rehabilitation and social service organization. VISIONS purpose is to develop and implement individualized programs to assist people who are blind and visually impaired of all ages to lead independent and active lives, and to educate the public to understand the capabilities and needs of people who are blind and visually impaired.

Location: New York State

Ignite Adaptive Sports

Located at the base of picturesque Eldora Mountain, just 21 miles outside of Boulder, Colorado, Ignite Adaptive Sports, a 501(c)(3) organization, harnesses the heart and dedication of the Front Range, surrounding mountain, and Northern Colorado communities to provide children and adults with disabilities access to Colorado’s amazing outdoor winter sports.

Location: Colorado

Long Island Bombers

The Long Island Bombers is a, 501(c)(3) non for profit organization, and an adaptive Baseball team for the blind and visually impaired.
The Bombers are dedicated to educating the community about blindness. Through the game of Beepbaseball, we provide athletes that are blind or with a vision disability (legally blind) the opportunity to play the game and offer a support network to its members. It is the Bombers goal to expand educational clinics, speaking engagements and demonstrations throughout the region.

Location: Long Island, NY

United States Association
for Blind Athletes

USABA is a Colorado-based 501(c) (3) organization that provides life-enriching sports opportunities for every individual with a visual impairment.  A member of the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and U.S. Soccer, USABA provides athletic opportunities in various sports including, but not limited to track and field, Nordic and alpine skiing, biathlon, judo, wrestling, swimming, tandem cycling and powerlifting. In January of 2022, USABA received the highest level of certification from the USOPC to become the national governing body for two Paralympic team sports for the blind and visually impaired…goalball and blind soccer.

Location: USA

Third Eye Insight
Fitness for the Blind

Devin Fernandez has been a practitioner of the Martial Arts specifically Ninpo Ninjutsu for nearly twenty years. He has a keen sense of how vital an active lifestyle is for physical, mental and spiritual health. He also has a strong sense of service, and understands what it means to give back to his community. Navigating his way through social services for the blind, he discovered a lack of opportunities for fitness activities that engaged this underserved community that he was now a part of. Wanting to integrate his martial arts, yoga, and meditation expertise, and his experience with the gift of service; Devin Fernandez, along with launched Third Eye Insight.

Location: New York

“The funding has made a tremendous difference in allowing me to pursue my dream. Running all the different races, financially it’s hard. It’s meant a lot that I can continue my journey of getting out, seeing these different races and what New York has to offer.”

Declan Ryan