The Foreseeable Future Foundation Announces 2021 Funding Recipients

Organizations awarded for adaptive sporting events

The Foreseeable Future Foundation released its 2021 Funding Program recipients. Funding was awarded to both groups and individuals in the visually impaired and blind community who exemplified the core values the foundation holds.

With an overwhelming amount of applications this year, the foundation was able to award financial compensation to over 30 organizations. The Foreseeable Future Foundation is continuously impressed by the initiative the blind and visually impaired community has and looks forward to seeing all that they accomplish in the future.

Organizations from across the country were awarded and include New York Metro Blind Hockey, Para Guide Foundation, United States Association of Blind Athletes, Foresight Ski Guides Inc., Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, Envision Blind Sports, Third Eye Insight, and more.

The Foreseeable Future Foundation continues to cultivate relationships within the blind community through sports and recreation. Partnered with Achilles and Camp Abilities, the foundation has already hosted several events in support of the visually impaired community. The Foreseeable Future Foundation has helped over 500 campers through its partnership with Camp Abilities and will continue to help the visually impaired youth.

Applications for the 2022 funding season are now available on The Foreseeable Future Foundation’s website!

To learn more about our open funding program visit If you have any questions before applying, you may contact us using the form below: