Foreseeable Future Triathlon Clinic

This past April, the Foreseeable Future Foundation sponsored our first annual Triathlon Clinic. This event was done in partnership with Tri-Achilles. Thirty visually impaired athletes were given the opportunity to be coached on every aspect of a triathlon such as running, swimming, and biking.

The Tri-Achilles Team provides those with various disabilities the ability to get involved in multi-sport competitions, however, this event was catered to the visually impaired and blind.

We are very thankful for the feedback we received from the Clinic, and honored we were able to support all participants. Several athletes did not know we sponsored the Clinic, and were excited to hear of our involvement and contributions.

One of the major elements of a triathlon is swimming. Some of the athletes did not know how to swim, and began learning at the clinic. Because of the additional funding we provided, many more participants were able to attend the clinic who otherwise may not have.

In the above video are athletes at the swim workout portion of the Clinic. We are especially proud to have supported a camp that according to Charles Catherine have two teammates that won nationals and are now a part of Team USA.

We look forward to working more with the Tri-Achilles Teams in the future.