Camp Abilities – North Georgia

The Foreseeable Future Foundation was happy to support the first annual Camp Abilities in North Georgia, which happened in the middle of July. The camp was treated like a “pilot test” camp and lasted around three to three and a half days to see if the camp would be a success. Twenty visually impaired and blind children and teenagers were in attendance and Griffin Pinkow was also present and was able to see the campers transformation from beginning to end.

participants on horseback

participants playing ball

participants signing with drums on a beach

participants of the camp canooing

The campers were challenged to get out of their comfort zone during this time. Griffin described an example of this when it came to the campers trying a new food every day. “Some of the kids were like, ‘I’m not going to do that, I don’t like that type of food,’ but you had to do it,” he stated. Once the kids tried a new food or a new activity, Griffin expressed that the kids learned they liked the food or they found an activity to be fun and they wanted to do it more.

Some of the volunteers were parents of the campers and were glad that their children were able to be involved with adaptive sports. Griffin was able to speak to the campers and assisted with beep kickball and track and field.

The campers truly grew from this experience and it was great to see the impact the Foreseeable Future Foundation is having on the visually impaired community. We would like to thank Katie Proctor for all of her help and look forward to being part of this awesome camp!