Camp Abilities – Long Island

The Foreseeable Future Foundation was able to provide funding for the campers that were a part of Camp Abilities Long Island in July.

The feedback we received from this camp was very positive. Something that stood out during Camp Abilities Long Island was getting to help out a camper who was blind and deaf. We were able to sponsor a translator for the week so that she could effectively interact with others and participate in activities at the camp. We wanted to make sure this camper did not miss out on this chance to be active and be in fellowship with other visually impaired and blind kids.

What is unique about Camp Abilities is that some visually impaired and blind kids who attend the camps become volunteers and leaders later on. Griffin stated that it is cool to have visually impaired and blind counselors and leaders helping visually impaired and blind kids versus having able-bodied (sighted) individuals fill those roles who might not be able to understand or empathize with what a visually impaired/blind kid or young adult is going through and what their needs are.

We plan to continue working with Camp Abilities. We cannot wait to see how future Camp Abilities events unfold and the continued difference Camp Abilities will make in visually impaired and blind children’s lives.