Camp Abilities – Brockport

The Foreseeable Future Foundation was honored to help Camp Abilities in Brockport NY at the end of June. Camp Abilities is a week-long educational sports camp for visually impaired children and teens, and there are different locations for the camp all around the world. At this camp, we sponsored a number of campers, ages ranging from 5-18 years old. Griffin spoke at the opening ceremony and experienced the camp alongside the campers.

Griffin spoke on being able to help some of the campers in terms of helping them to reach their goals. By the end of the week, there was a duathlon going on. A few of the campers wanted to reach a goal of a certain time on a challenge, and we encouraged them along. Griffin pep-talked them: “Well we’re going to do it together'” to get them more excited. And just getting them to realize that they can reach their goals, pushed them to really go for it. Griffin ¬†added, “Getting to be a part of that experience was really incredible because I was once in their shoes.”

He also discussed the difference in the kids’ attitudes or interactions from the beginning of the Camp Abilities week to the end and how the kids “became a completely different person and didn’t want to leave.” Both of these athletes were in attendance during the week: Lindsey Ball, a downhill Paralympic skier, and Paralympic swimmer Martha Ruether.

The director of the Camp Abilities Brockport division and the founder of Camp Abilities, Dr. Lauren Lieberman, has expressed many times that she does not what they would do if they did not have the Foreseeable Future Foundation to help defer some of the costs for the camp.

These costs for the camp include equipment, coaches, and helping to pay on behalf of campers. We are glad to not only be of great assistance to the kids that come to Camp Abilities but to the staff as well and to the mission of the organization as a whole.