Blockheads Happy Hour – June

This last June, the Foreseeable Future Foundation hosted a happy hour at Blockheads. This event provided the opportunity for the visually impaired community to connect and mingle not only with each other but also with those who have sight and came out to support their friends.

Visually impaired and blind triathletes and sighted athletes were also present, as well as friends from other organizations that help us lead and excel in an active lifestyle. The music, food, and connectivity made the energy at Blockheads so amazing.

Part of the networking going on was visually impaired and blind athletes discussed races they had participated in with sighted athletes recently. A few of the sighted athletes seemed really impressed with what the visually impaired and blind athletes had done and new collaborations to help train visually impaired and blind athletes were started.

We love that these genuine connections were formed between people sighted and blind community coming together for sport. The great turn out of this Happy Hour at Blockheads has motivated us to host another happy hour event, which will be planned for sometime during the holidays.

Stay tuned, and we hope to hear you there!