Blind Hockey

“They can take our vision, but they can’t take the sport away.

Kieth Haley from the Hartford Braillers

Being visually impaired can make it seem like your opportunities have dwindled, but luckily there are organizations like New York Metro Blind Hockey to bring joy back into your life. Just imagine, the cold wind on your cheeks, your lips stretching across your face in a smile, and the feeling of being around people who really get you. Community, health, and happiness is the ultimate goal when it comes to blind hockey, and we want you to be a part of it.

“Playing hockey again is the greatest feeling in the world.”

Dirk Morgan from the Hartford Braillers

A Little About New York Metro Blind Hockey

In the 70s, blind hockey was up and coming in Canada, but for 40 years there was very little interaction between the clubs, and there was no organization at a national level. In 2010, a group of leaders from teams all across Canada got together and created Canadian Blind Hockey. The United States was lucky enough to start getting in on this craze in 2014 when Kevin Shanley and Christine Osika founded the very first Blind Ice Hockey team in America, the New York Nightshades. Now there are teams formed in Connecticut, Pittsburgh, Washington D.C, St. Louis, Colorado, Chicago, and other cities throughout the states looking for people like you to make their team whole.

What is Blind Hockey?

Blind hockey is very similar to regular hockey with just a few adjustments. The first being the puck. The puck is larger and slower than a normal hockey puck, and it makes a noise so that you are aware of its location. The net is also a foot shorter to help keep the puck on the ice because that is how it makes noise. When the offense is in control of the puck, they must pass it once before shooting it toward the goal to trigger a whistle which lets the defense know to get ready. Like anything you do, it might not be easy at first, but with the help of your coaches, you’ll be a star on ice in no time.

“You lose a lot of confidence when you lose some of your vision, and then you get something like this back… it’s like you never missed it.”

Kieth Haley from the Hartford Braillers

Is Blind Hockey for All Skill Levels?

Are you excited yet? If you are ready to throw your skates on and get moving, New York Metro Blind Hockey will be spending the next two months building teams of core players with eight weeks of skating lessons for anyone who wants to join. Even if you have never touched ice in your life, the coaches will be there to make sure you are a pro in no time. This next year is something you will want to be a part of because, in 2019, New York Metro Blind Hockey will be participating in tournaments in America and Canada!

What’s to Come

The Foreseeable Future Foundation is so excited to start working with the New York Metro Blind Hockey in 2019 to start raising awareness and help with some of their funding for things like equipment and ice time. If you are someone who wishes they could be a part of this community, but the money just isn’t there, that another reason the Foreseeable Future Foundation is here for you. We offer grants to help people like you make their dreams come true. Even dreams on ice! Keep track of any events that are coming up that you want to be a part of by following our social media and signing up for our newsletter!