Funding Program

Winter 2020



Scholarships for Individuals funds for a single person to participate in an event.

Applications for individual scholarships will be accepted from January 15 2020 until April 29 2020.

Individuals can apply for a scholarship to participate in events such as marathons, triathlons, para cycling events, or even paralympic events.

  1. Information on Yourself
    Your history participating in this sporting activity or event, your skill level, and general contact information for yourself.
  2. Your Event
    Information related to your event or activity such as who is hosting it, the location, the level of difficulty, and so on.


Grants for Organizations

Applications for organization and institution grants will be accepted from January 15 2020 until April 29 2020.

Our grants program is aimed at organizations such as camps, groups or teams, and institutions seeking to impact more than one person with a disability at a time.

  1. Details of Your Organization
    The history of the organization hosting this event. Your involvement or role in relation to this event and organization.
  2. Details of The Event
    The type of activity or event being hosted, its history, its leadership team, and the target participants it will impact.