The Foundation
The Foreseeable Future Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization, that works with individuals and organizations that focus on the visually impaired thru sports and recreation. We offer financial assistance when we can, and try to utilize the various resources we have in our organization to help those in need.
Our Values
Humility — We strive to be modest and humble in our teaching.
Empowerment — We aim to provide the tools, motivation, and skill building activities to empower our participants and overcome adversity.
Leadership — We want to develop leadership among our community so we can make an impact on society.
Persistence — We aim to instill a "no quit" attitude in all aspects of life.
Our Founder

Hello! My name is Griffin Pinkow. I suffer from retinitis pigmentosa which is a retinal degenerative disease. In college, I worked with a number of organizations that represented the visually impaired. I enjoyed working with these organizations but, found that they were focused solely on research and not on the individual living life without sight. 

I saw an opportunity to fill that gap, and in 2013 we began the groundwork for the foundation. Since that time, we’ve built a community that helped the V.I.P.s thru all aspects of life. Our focus is improving the lives of the V.I.P.s through education, athletics, music, art and career building.

Our mission is to enable the visually impaired to live fulfilling lives and to increase public awareness of challenges faced by the blind. We are committed to bringing the sighted and sightless community together to build one network that is mutually beneficial and enriching for all.

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